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Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, Inc. (Barron's Martial Arts) is one of Houston's top Martial Arts schools, and is also the largest instruction studio in the area.

We teach Korean based martial arts. Korean arts are the most popular in the world and we believe for good reason. Our programs include Tang So Do, and Haidong Gumdo, the Korean Sword Art.

We have professional athletic pads and extra weight padded carpets for your workout safety; along with multiple bag workout stations, and ample interior seating for family and friends and their Houston karate instruction.
Our certified instructors teach the fundamentals of Martial Arts by combining the time-tested Eastern philosophies of Tang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo with the modern approach of western philosophy.

Please come out and watch a class, or contact us at 281 345 8823, or click here. Who knows, it may change you or your childs life!

Announcement - New Program at our School - Haidong Gumdo

Haidong Gumdo, the Korean Sword Art, is a new program for Barron's Karate students. Under the direction of Master Barron, several classes are taught each week, and more will be added soon. Students wear a different uniform and a different belt than their Tang So Do rank, and must earn their new belts through tests certified by the World Haidong Gumdo Federation.

Many of our students are parents of kids who are in our Tang So Do program. Most of these mature students have no previous martial arts background and they enjoy the exercise, martial arts discipline, and low to no contact nature of the art. Please come out and watch a class or inquire about our free introductory classes. You may find a fun way to lose a few pounds and at the same time channel your inner Samurai!

For more information on Haidong Gumdo, click here.

15 Year Celebration

Barron's Karate celebrated it's 15 year anniversary on September 18th, 2010.  A Haidong Gumdo demonstration and beginner class as well as a Tang Soo Do demonstration was held. Everyone had a grand time celebrating this anniversary event and Korean sword introduction.

Click here to contact the school to register for a free introductory class. It is an incredible opportunity to experience empty hand and weapons based martial arts techniques that were founded over 2,000 years ago in Korea.